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Christ Church (UR), Epsom Road, Leatherhead

This church was closed on 4th January 2021, and the premises are no longer available for community use. The site is now in the hands of the Southern Synod, and is due for redevelopment.

The largely ageing congregation was finding it increasingly difficult to organize services and events, and manage the premises. Members decided to move from their well-loved church and its large grounds, and look forward to worshipping elsewhere in 2021, giving thanks for eighty-five years of church life and witness in this place, and for a hundred and ninety-one years in Leatherhead.

Services can be found online at LMC Online, at Leatherhead Parish Church and at Cobham United Church. Regular URC worship can be found at devotions.urc.org.uk. Some other online services in this area: Eastwick Road Church, Bookham - St Nicolas Parish Church, Great Bookham - Bookham Baptist Church - St Mary's Parish Church, Fetcham - St Giles' and St George's Ashtead - Epsom Methodist Church - Guildford URC.

History: Visit our History page, with pictures of past Ministers, and read Memories by Margaret Fricker and Christ Church music by Anthony Cairns. A video of the final service can be found here: All Saints' Day, 1 November 2020, and you can print the service sheet. In place of the planned Thanksgiving Service on 22 November, private prayer was shared in the church.

YPF 1959-1965: Thanks to Alan Whitehead for assembling some historic pictures of the Young People's Fellowship. Please email chchlhead@gmail.com for a copy. Look out for James Todd with Cyril Whitehead and Ted Scammell, and for Mike Essex at the seaside.

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